Running a software project requires a large amount of infastructure. We aim to provide a fully FOSS stack to help our members to make and share the best software possible.

Version Control

We're massive fans of version control, our Gitlab server has over 100 projects managed by our membership.

Continuous Integration

Though Gitlab, we offer services to test code as it's written and even automaticlly deploy changes to our live projects.

Hosted Websites

Projects need a place to live, we provide static file hosting for projects and their documentation.


We run a lot of services. To keep things as simple as possible for our members we use a centralised account system based on FreeIPA. Allowing for centralised management of ssh keys, servers, configuration and login.


We run our own mail servers, providing personal addresses, email interfaces for our tools and providing email addresses to our hosted projects.


As well as maintaining a presense on Freenode, We provide a chat service using the XMPP for our members to communicate with each other.

We make all of our configuration available for others to learn from.