Developer Tools

Guides targeted towards developing software.

Debugging with GDB

A powerful command-line debugger for low-level languages

Managing your account

Altering your account infomation.

Maven Quickstart

A quickstart guide for the java build tool maven

Memory Management checks with memcheck

Memcheck is a tool to help find and fix memory problems in your code. It can help find and diagnose a range of memory-related problems such as accessing memory which shouldn’t have been, finding memory leaks and double-freeing. When using these tools your programs will have a large overhead (time, memory usage). This is to be expected as there is a lot going on behind the scenes with valgrind. Be patient with execution times.

Meson Quickstart

A quickstart guide for the c/c++ build tool meson

Pip Quickstart

A quickstart guide for the python build tool pip.